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Dawn Pogany is a 36 year old, Pittsburgh born artist specializing in Mixed Media. Her work is easily recognizable due to her unique implementation of newspaper in various methods.  Typically using only vintage materials on canvass, she breathes life back into long forgotten stacks from nearby basements as well as homes as far as France and Great Britain.  Her method is one of meticulous madness as she cuts and sculpts two dimensional figures and shadows from shards of paper articles dating back as far as 135 years.  Dawn's pieces carry a distinct gold hue due to the natural yellowing process that is only obtained from being safely kept for very long periods of time.  Her obsessions with texture and depth have driven her to branch out from the common imagining of landscapes and portraits to produce something entirely remarkable.  


Dawn earned a Bachelor's Degree from The Art Institute of Pittsburgh in Graphic Design in 2006. She is a recognized member of The Associated Artists of Pittsburgh (AAP) as well as The Pittsburgh Society of Artist Guild (PSA). She holds credits to a locally filmed episode of Kitchen Nightmares (2012) as a lead designing artist as well as being the lead artist on a Pittsburgh themed mural located at The Gateway Clipper Fleet in Station Square titled, "Gateway to Pittsburgh". She has worked alongside several charitable organizations, including LL Bean and Providence Connections, in the form of works that were created to be auctioned off for the benefit of the charities.


In early 2016, Dawn was awarded one of eight Emerging Artist Scholarships presented by Peoples Natural Gas and the Pittsburgh Cultural Trust which allowed her to display her work in the 2016 Three Rivers Arts Festival, Artists Market for 5 days during the 2 week long event. 


Her current focus has been on smaller scale projects from her home in Dormont, PA.  Several of her most recent works can be found on this site.  Prints are readily available for order.  If you are interested in purchasing or would like to contact Dawn, please email her from the contact tab.

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